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Technical features


  • Introduction and extraction of bottles by means of stars and conveyor
  • Universal central brush suitable for the external cleaning of bottles with different diameters
  • Brush for washing the bottom supporting the bottle integrated in the central carousel
  • Bottle advancement system, by means of active variable speed feeder by inverter
  • Bottle washing by means of a special water distribution system with filter and interception solenoid valve


The drying of the bottles is carried out in line by means of rotation of the same and through calibrated and properly directed stainless steel air jets, derived from one or more turbines suitable for producing air at 42° - 48° C.


  • Cap washing motorization brush
  • Stopper thermal drying system
  • Bottom bottle drying system
2.500 bottles/hour
2.600 x 1.000 x 1.700h
No. and length of air distributors
2 / 1.300 mm
Washing carousel
No. 6 places
Water consumption
50 L/h
Electric power
7,6 Kw